Women shaping the future of financial planning 21.09.2023

We have Sarah and Charlla talking about being women within the financial industry. They share their own experiences and how they have seen the industry change over the years.

Getting to know Ben Haworth with LIFT-Sport 04.05.2023

Mark Tueart, Managing Director of LIFT-Sport is joined by Ben Haworth, Sports Consultant. Mark welcomes Ben to the team and they discuss how he will be helping to build new professional relationships and raise our profile within the industry.

Women's financial wellbeing with Sarah & Suze 15.03.2023

Sarah and Suze explore how women are often paid less in the workforce and how life events such as having children can have an impact on women’s financial wellbeing and their approach to finances.

Meet our Paraplanners 02.03.2023

Delve into the day-to-day lives of our Paraplanners. In our recent podcast, we spoke to Caroline, Lisa and Rebecca about their roles and the many benefits on offer to any Paraplanners looking to start a career at LIFT.

Deadline day 22.02.2023

After a busy January with lots of player transfers, Declan Davies and Alex Carroll talk about the challenges players face when moving clubs and the impact the tax deadline has on their financial plans.

Keith's financial top tips 19.10.22

We have a great update from Keith Marcroft providing some of his financial top tips after over 25 years in the industry.

An update from our mortgages team 08.09.22

In the episode, Dave provides a market update. He talks about the rising rates, standard variable rates and offers some tips and guidance for people looking to buy.

With players every step of the way 19.07.22

Declan Davies and Alex Carroll discuss how we work with players throughout their careers and adapt their financial plans to suit the stages they are at in life. They also share some tips and guidance they often find themselves telling players.

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