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Suzanne McGowan

Director of LIFT-WorkWise

Suzanne McGowan
The session Suzanne hosted was brilliant. It was very clear and easy to understand, especially around what I need to do to get my financial planning in order. I also signed up for a 1:1 session to further grow my knowledge.
By N.P

Over 15 years experience working with corporate clients and their employees.


I’ve worked in Financial Services since graduating and have spent time in both the ‘back-office’ as a pensions technician and face-to-face advising. I joined LIFT-Financial in September 2012 as it gave me the opportunity to work with individuals on their personal planning alongside building corporate client relationships. Now I help companies who want to offer more in terms of benefits and I also advise their employees directly. I’m a strong believer in financial education and work with clients to deliver this in the workplace.

What gives you a LIFT?

My daughters, everyday and Netball (playing, watching, coaching).