Suzanne McGowan
Director of LIFT-WorkWise

Suzanne McGowan – Director of LIFT-WorkWise

Over 15 years experience working with corporate clients and their employees.  


I've worked in Financial Services since graduating and have spent time in both the 'back-office' as a pensions technician and face-to-face advising. I  joined LIFT-Financial in September 2012 as it gave me the opportunity to work with individuals on their personal planning alongside building corporate client relationships. Now I help companies who want to offer more in terms of benefits and I also advise their employees directly. I'm a strong believer in financial education and work with clients to deliver this in the workplace.


What gives you a LIFT?
My daughters, everyday.
Your three famous dinner guests?
Philip Pullman - fascinating; Prof. Brian Cox - educational and interesting; Hugh Jackman - preferably having lost his shirt!
Favourite city?
Manchester - obviously!

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