James Potter
Chartered Financial Planner

James Potter – Chartered Financial Planner

Joined LIFT-Financial in August 2018. 


I graduated from the University of Manchester with an Honours Degree, and upon wishing to pursue a career within Financial Planning I joined LIFT-Financial. I have since worked my way through the company as part of the LIFT-Academy which has seen me complete many professional exams to reach Chartered Financial Planner status. 

I enjoy working with my clients to help establish their financial goals and objectives. This is underpinned through cash flow planning which allows us to take a holistic view from the outset. 

As with the other Financial Planners at LIFT-Financial, I work on a transparent and fixed-fee basis.


Who or what gives you a lift?
Spending time with my family; wife and son (Oliver).
Your 3 famous dinner guests of choice?
Sir Alex Ferguson, Denzel Washington & Leonardo DiCaprio
Favourite city?
So far, New York, but to be honest any Italian city usually ticks all the boxes!

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