Ella Davies
Chartered Financial Planner

Ella Davies – Chartered Financial Planner

A Chartered Financial Planner and one of the few female Fellows of the PFS.


I've been with LIFT-Financial since 2010, achieved Chartered status in July 2013 and Fellowship of the PFS the same month.

My client focus is on introducing young professionals to long term financial planning and also helping more female clients take control of their financial future. Female advisers are few and far between and female Chartered Fellows even more so. I think this is part of the reason women are less likely to seek financial advice so hopefully I'm contributing to change that. I specialise in holistic financial planning, wealth management, retirement planning and cash flow modelling.


Spare time?
Your famous dinner guests of choice?
Simon Cowell, Channing Tatum and the Queen.
Favourite city?
New York.

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