Edward Backhouse
Chartered Financial Planner

Edward Backhouse – Chartered Financial Planner

Joined LIFT-Financial in September 2017. 


I graduated from Loughborough University with a First-Class degree in Economics and later joined LIFT-Financial with the desire to become a Chartered Financial Planner. I have since progressed through the LIFT-Academy, working through many professional exams to achieve the status of Chartered and Fellowship in December 2020.

I enjoy working with clients to help them understand their financial goals and objectives and prefer to take a holistic approach using cash flow planning to help them achieve these. As with the other Financial Planners at LIFT-Financial, I work on a transparent and fixed-fee basis.

•    Chartered Financial Planner
•    Fellow of the PFS

Initial meetings are held at our expense. Please find a link to my diary below if you wish to arrange a meeting:


Contact details:
E: edward.backhouse@lift-financial.com
M: 07918214892



Favourite city?
Your three famous dinner guests of choice?
Vincent Kompany, Simon Pegg and Christopher Nolan
Sports/ hobbies/ leisure?
Football, rugby and tennis

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