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Jonny Halsall

Chartered Financial Planner

Jonny Halsall
I couldn’t be more delighted with the service I’ve had from LIFT and Jonathan specifically. Over a number of years now, they have helped me tremendously and laid great foundations for my eventual retirement.
By D.S

Partner, Chartered Financial Planner and Fellow of the PFS. Awarded Highest Achiever in the PFS Diploma in Financial Planning. Joined LIFT-Financial in 2010.


I became a Fellow of the PFS very early in my career, at the time I was the youngest Fellow at age 24. Achieving this was important to me – I’m a strong believer that qualifications and professional standards are what sets a good Financial Planner apart from the crowd. With my clients, I focus first of all on identifying their desired lifestyle and goals. We then look at how they can achieve and maintain that without running out of money or leaving too much behind. This is what good financial planning should be about, clients and their goals not financial products and money.


  • Chartered Financial Planner
  • Fellow of the PFS
  • PFS Pension Transfer Gold Standard

What gives you a LIFT?

Family; Liverpool winning; helping clients achieve their lifestyle goals such as retiring earlier and generally helping them enjoy their wealth.

Contact details:


T: 0161 929 2626