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George Swift

Account Handler (LIFT-Academy)

George Swift
I moved over to LIFT-Insurance due to the great service and competitive rates. I've now managed to renew my property insurance cover, and I'm astounded that you have found such a competitive rate for both properties yet again. I look forward to renewing again with you next year.
By Rosanna S

George joined LIFT-Insurance as an Account Handler in July 2023.


I previously worked as a fishmonger before completely changing my career to work in the insurance industry – no puns about it sounding fishy!

My focus now is to progress through the LIFT-Insurance Academy and achieve an advanced Diploma in Insurance at the same time as becoming a skilled Account Handler.

My interests outside of work are football, walks in the country and socialising with friends and family.

What gives you a LIFT?

Travelling across Europe to watch my team play.