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David Baker

Managing Director - LIFT-Mortgages

David Baker
David has helped me twice with my mortgage and both times he has made the process very easy for me. He is very knowledgeable, professional and most importantly of all trustworthy. I would not use anyone else.
By Martina J

Managing Director – LIFT-Mortgages


My expertise in mortgages is often the initial reason my clients contact me, particularly those working in the City. They tend to be people who need high-value loans or have bonus income or other complexities and my experience in this area is well-known. My aim is to deliver great service and give them the help they need to understand what they can get with their first or next purchase.

What gives you a LIFT?

Work – helping a client to achieve what they wanted with better service than they expected. Home – seeing my kids and wife every day.

Contact details

M: 07890310175