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Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Commercial business insurance can be tailored to meet all the risks associated with the day-to-day running of your business.

A commercial business insurance policy offers comprehensive business cover in a single policy, bringing together a range of the covers most commonly required, primarily designed for smaller businesses, such as wholesalers, engineers, manufacturers.

Providing bespoke insurance solutions to businesses of all sizes has always been our main focus. Our service includes a full review and assessment of all our client’s insurance requirements. We will always take time to ensure clients have a full understanding of their insurance coverage.

We can help with other insurance policies to help you protect your business including those listed below.

Professional indemnity

Professional indemnity (PI) insurance is a commercial policy designed to protect businesses if a client deems work produced or professional advice provided as inadequate. Indemnity cover, or professional liability insurance, will prevent you from suffering a financial loss when defending or settling the claim.

If you’re a professional business that provides advice and services to your clients, PI cover should be seen as an essential consideration for your business insurance package. It’s important that you feel confident in the quality of your work, but even with the best intentions, accidental errors and disputes over quality can happen.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance (also referred to as cyber risk or cyber liability insurance) is a form of cover designed to protect your business from threats in the digital age, such as data breaches or malicious cyber hacks on work computer systems. A business is responsible for its own cybersecurity, but having the right insurance will mean you aren’t alone in the event of a cyber attack. Cyber liability cover will provide crucial support to help your business stay afloat.

Directors & Officers Insurance

Directors and officers liability insurance, or management liability insurance, is insurance cover that offers financial protection to the Director, Partner or Officer of a company. It is designed to cover the cost of claims for compensation made against the insured individual.

Being a director, partner or officer of a company brings certain responsibilities – to employees, members of the public, investors and regulators. It also exposes the individuals holding the positions of director, partner or officer to personal liability for the actions or omissions they make in the performance of their company duties. This means that they can personally be the subject of claims that could lead to fines, compensation, or imprisonment.

With directors and officers liability insurance coverage you can be confident that you and any other insured directors, partners or officers are protected against the cost of defending or settling.

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