Financial Education and Advice Services

We offer a range of financial education and advice services, which includes: 

  • A program of presentations and seminars 
  • One to one surgery 
  • Employee financial advice to cover a particular area or holistic financial planning

The seminar topics we offer are: 

Family Financial Planning - Long-Term: 1hr Age 30-50

  • Financial planning priorities short and medium term savings
  • Saving for children and longer-term investments
  • Pensions long term care and estate planning

Mortgages: 1hr 

  • All Borrowing limits
  • Buying and mortgage process with best rates guidance
  • Government schemes

Savings & Investment -Short-Term: 45 mins 

  • All financial planning priorities
  • Short-term savings and longer-term investments
  • Financial risk vs return tax efficiency

Legal Clinic (Organising Your Estate): 30 mins 50+ 

  • Inheritance tax limits gifting to reduce IHT and rules
  • Making a will, intestacy rules and power of attorney

Finances Fit for the Future: 1hr 18-40 

  • Financial planning priorities
  • Emergency funds and savings- basic debt lessons 
  • The wonder of compound interest protection
  • Short and medium-term savings
  • Mortgages (content as above)

Retirement Planning: 1hr 50+ 

  • How long will you live?
  • Pension choices: annuity, cash, flexibility
  • Building the jigsaw state pension
  • Type of pension and pension limits

Thinking About Retirement: 1hr 

  • How long will you live?
  • Building the jigsaw state pension
  • Type of pension and pension limits

Bonus Waiver: 30 mins 

  • Bonus tax benefits, bonus exchange annual and lifetime allowance
  • Building your pension

Redundancy Counselling: 1.5 hrs 1-2-1 

  • Redundancy counselling is a 1-2-1 session. Following a seminar, we can offer each candidate 1-2-1 sessions with one of our Chartered financial planners to discuss their personal financial needs and priorities

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