Consultation & Administration Services

Consultation Services

Most businesses take advice on choosing a pension and benefits package only when they need to or have significant issues with what they have. We believe that active and ongoing governance keeps the benefits fresh and fit for purpose: disciplined and regular reviews will identify issues before they become a problem and, more importantly, signpost available upgrades and additional benefits. We offer: 

  • Benefit review including group pension scheme, consultation and recommendation
  • Pension governance to ensure that the pension remains fit for purpose and appropriate for employee cohort
  • Group risk scheme recommendation, review, and broking service
  • Preparation of employee communications to ensure compliance with regulations
  • Technical and legislative updates and recommendation of changes required
  • Employee helpline and e-mail service

Administration Services

Accurate and efficient administration of the group pension is crucial to a properly run scheme. It is in this area that mistakes are most common and most costly. Misunderstanding between payroll and HR, confusion over salary definitions, technical errors and salary exchange and rebates, are expensive and time-consuming to unwind and correct. Having a pension professional on board to oversee accurate and timely processing gives our clients peace of mind and frees up valuable HR and payroll time. We can help with: 

  • Preparation, reconciliation, and submission of regular pension files
  • Auto-enrolment management: cyclical re-enrolment requirements, certification and declaration of compliance
  • Renewal administration 

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