What's work experience in LIFT-Mortgages really like?

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I’m a student at Warden Park Secondary Academy in Cuckfield and I recently got in touch with Dave to ask if I could spend a week shadowing him and seeing what it’s like to work in the real world. Thankfully he said yes!

Dave’s my younger brother’s football coach, and he was enthusiastic about taking me on and inspiring me to consider pursuing a career in finance, as his first trip to the City inspired him. Wow, what a week it was!

Firstly, he talked me through how a mortgage works and then we went through how to complete a mortgage application. I got the chance to complete one fully for an ‘agreement in principle’. Working with real-life cases like this was very interesting - a lot more so than going through Dave’s expenses as I later found out the hard way!

On day two we travelled up to London - my first ever time working in the city. We headed in for a day full of meetings. It was a bit nerve-racking for me but was also very exciting. After the meeting Dave received an email from a senior contact in the company we were seeing, it was congratulating me for my professionalism and eagerness to learn. This was unexpected and very pleasing to hear.

On day three I commuted into London. This time we headed in for a presentation Dave was giving at a large firm. I found it very interesting and I got to eat free crisps which were very tasty.

On day four I worked on filling in all of the paperwork required to work for an organisation like LIFT-Financial. I also wrote an outstanding blog which I have no doubt that you are enjoying reading! I wasn’t sure what to expect during my week with LIFT, but I’ve loved every minute of it, and I have learnt a lot about mortgages, pensions, and investments. I have been inspired by what I have learnt this week while many of my year group have been getting drunk in the skatepark instead. I would love to work for a company like LIFT one day and if I end up with a kitchen like Dave’s I’ll know that I have succeeded.

Thank you for this life-changing experience and especially to Dave for making it happen.

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