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There are regular reports in the media highlighting the challenges that professional athletes face when it comes to managing their finances. Poor financial advice is an issue affecting many professional athletes, so much so in football, that UEFA has launched a course helping to educate players about good financial management.

In 2018, the Guardian revealed that 500 professional footballers collectively lost around £1 billion through poor investments and tax advice, it is therefore crucial that professional athletes benefit from good financial planning. Their careers are shorter than most and their retirement is longer so, this planning should start early to avoid financial hardship in the future. 

In 2019 LIFT-Sport became Chartered, which is a status only awarded to firms that meet an exceptional level of professional standards. There are only 709 CII Chartered financial planning firms worldwide. Chartered status is based on standards, professionalism, and trust which ensures the highest quality of advice. We are very proud to be a Chartered firm and always strive to give our clients the best holistic advice possible. Our aim is to help clients ensure they have a future they can be excited about, without the stress of financial pressures. 

By choosing a Chartered firm our clients know they’re in expert hands. It isn’t just about pensions, tax, and ISAs; it is also about being financially organised and working together to ensure your financial and lifestyle goals are achieved. 

“Playing careers are short, so choose the team that will help you grow & protect your wealth. We’ve been looking after some of the best in professional sport for many years. The players we look after trust us to create long-term financial security for themselves and their family. And that’s what we do.” - Mark Tueart, Managing Director

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