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As we enter a New Year, we often feel it is time to re-evaluate important parts of our lives; a starting point for many is their finances. Many people aren't actually aware of the range of services we provide here at LIFT; read below about how we could help you in 2022. 

LIFT was set up by Mike Holden and Joel Adams in 2007 with just eight employees. We have since grown into a business with over 90 employees and have offices in Altrincham, London and Edinburgh. This growth is a testament to our core value which is to always put clients at the heart of everything we do.

As a result of our dedication to providing a fantastic service for our clients, we now have many strings to our bow and trade as a number of brands, including LIFT-Financial, LIFT-WorkWise, LIFT-Advice, LIFT-Invest, LIFT-Insurance, LIFT-Mortgages, LIFT-Sport and LIFT-Life. Together these make up the LIFT-Financial Group. 

The great thing about this wide selection of services is that we can cover a variety of financial needs that clients may have. Let's find out more about each of our brands:


We're Chartered Financial Planners, helping private clients in the UK take control of their finances and plan for a secure future. We put a real focus on standards of service and advice. Our Chartered status means that clients can be reassured they're in expert hands. All our financial planners are highly qualified. They're supported by a friendly, diverse client support team that provides them with in-depth research, technical analysis and excellent client service. Financial planning isn't all about pensions, tax and ISA's. We help clients become financially better organised and keep them on track to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals and objectives. 


We passionately believe that firms should help employees be financially educated and in control of their money. We give financial education seminars which cover every aspect of financial planning from 'graduation to estate planning'. We manage all aspects of running a pensions scheme from design and implementation through to scheme governance, member communications and retirement planning. Additionally, we offer bespoke health and risk benefits. We have the in-house expertise to advise your employees to make the right choices; we're experienced in working with high-earners and tailoring benefits to suit them. We help companies of any size, in all types of industry and across the UK.


At LIFT-Advice, we're holistic financial planners. That means we'll review all your financial arrangements and see how we can best help you. This holistic approach means we can give you advice that takes into account your full financial situation, even if your immediate focus is on a particular area. Whether that's saving for school fees, planning your retirement, investing a lump sum or structuring your finances in the most tax-efficient manner, we can help. We operate a simple percentage-based charging structure, this ensures our objectives are aligned with those of our clients. These fees are priced competitively falling well below the industry average.


LIFT-Invest plc is a discretionary management firm from the team behind LIFT-Financial. The demand from LIFT-Financial clients to have a discretionary investment service was the catalyst to launch LIFT-Invest in May 2017 by its founders, Joel Adams and Mike Holden and already has over £400 million in assets under management. Discretionary portfolio management can speed up the investment process, cut down paperwork and facilitate operational synergies within your portfolio. The discretionary management which LIFT-Invest offers is supported by a team of experienced, qualified investment professionals who place client outcomes at the forefront of their thinking.


From Commercial Insurance for businesses to Household and Motor Insurance, we cover all aspects at LIFT-Insurance. Sourcing the right insurance policy is more than finding the cheapest premium. We ensure you have the right level of cover, support when you make a claim and work hard to minimise the ‘hassle factor’ for you. In addition, we have relationships with all major insurers providing more options for insurance cover to suit your needs. 


LIFT-Mortgages is a whole of market brokers. We're fiercely proud of our independence. Our clients range from first-time buyers wanting to get their feet on the ladder to high earners in the city; we even work with professional footballers. Our team of brokers have seen it all, and that means we are used to diverse situations such as high-value lending, complex incomes and specialist lending. Many people feel all brokers offer the same, but LIFT are part of the "Club 13" network, which provides the highest producing brokers in the market with rates that your average high street lender cannot get. 


LIFT-Sport was founded to offer sports professionals a more personal, bespoke service. We support our clients by offering a full financial planning service to help them grow and protect their wealth. We've been looking after some of the best in professional sport for many years. Our advisers help prevent players from making negative financial decisions that greatly impact their retirement. The clients we look after trust us to create long-term financial security for themselves and their families. 


Life insurance may not be something you want to think about, but it is a sensible way of providing for your family’s financial future if needed. We have been working with clients for years and have helped many people find a plan that suits their needs. Also, if you have an existing policy and would like us to carry out a free check to see if it is right for you and your circumstances, we can help with this.

In summary, why not consider us for all of your financial, insurance and mortgage needs?



The value of investments may go down as well as up.
Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. 

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