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Meet the newest recruits to our Graduate scheme. Daniel Bescoby is the most recent starter and joins following a BA in Business Management at Manchester Metropolitan University; Joe McGovern joined late last year and is a graduate of the University of Worcester.

For those who know me, or others at LIFT-Financial, you will know that the professional development of the LIFT team is our most sacred core value. We are very proud to be a Chartered firm and as part of that standard everyone in our business has a personal development plan and are encouraged to be the very best they can be. We also provide both financial and practical support and assistance for those who want to study for particular qualifications.

We took the decision in 2012 to take bright ambitious graduates and train them in the LIFT way, rather than recruit qualified advisers that can be stuck in habits that may not fit with our approach. This recruitment approach is unique - I am not aware of any other firms who go to the lengths we do to encourage and nurture their talent. We coach the graduates to follow our strict ethical guidelines and put them on a pathway of study that leads them eventually to Chartered Status. Not everyone has the patience to study for so long before becoming an adviser, so we’re interested in those who want to be the best in their profession, not those looking for a minimum level of qualification.

Some of the early entrants into the program have now matured into exceptionally well qualified and rounded professionals and it’s extremely satisfying to see them embarking on their own successful advisory careers. The nine graduates currently on the scheme are at various stages of qualification and will provide us with a young, highly qualified team to help support our expansion plans.

Graduates looking for a career with an award-winning firm should contact our recruitment team.

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