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You perhaps imagine that the typical Financial Planner spends their day working on spreadsheets, analysing data and booking appointments. That happens and it’s a given that a good Adviser needs financial acumen. But there’s more to Financial Planning than money. And this is where the chemistry between you and your Adviser becomes crucial.

Think about it – what do you share with your Adviser? You share the details of your bank balance (which you probably don’t even tell your closest friends). That requires a level of trust.

But beyond that you share your life hopes and ambitions. If your Adviser doesn’t know that you dream of owning a boat, or you’d like to retire to France at 55, or take a year out to do an MBA, or that you want to provide your children with a deposit for a house – they can’t help you plan to achieve this.

A true Financial Planner will know this about you. And the best ones will help you identify and articulate those thoughts and turn them into plans.

There are some people who approach retirement with no idea how they’ll spend their time. Without that self-knowledge, how do you budget? Do you need money for a world tour, or do you plan to spend your time gardening and painting? A good Adviser will ask the questions that help you really think about what you want your retirement to look like.

There are others who retire and worry about spending any money at all, afraid they’ll run out. Trust and understanding between you and your Adviser can give you the confidence to use your funds to enjoy retirement.

Finding the person who you feel comfortable revealing your dreams to should be part of your decision when you choose your Adviser. They need to listen, understand and sometimes coax and read between the lines. Find the right one and you’ll be with them for the long-term. This means they’ll be part of your life during emotional highs and lows. Children being born, marriage, divorce and loss of partners or parents often means changes to your financial situation or plans. Having someone on hand who is empathetic makes those times easier.

They say there’s someone for everyone and that applies to Adviser relationships too. Take time to have an informal chat with a few people before you make your choice.

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