Insuring high value houses, cars and possessions

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If you’ve ever completed the forms on one of the on-line comparison sites, you’ll know from the questions asked that they’re aimed at the mass market. If you’re fortunate enough to have items in your possession that are high value and need to be listed individually on your insurance policy these sites are not the place to go. 

At a basic level, high value includes cars over £35k at new and houses with contents over £150k.

Beyond that a tailored policy can help you if you have:

•    Multiple houses
•    Jewellery or watches worth over £10k
•    High value art

For these types of items, a bespoke policy is needed and will bring peace of mind that you’re properly covered and won’t face problems with the insurer if you need to make a claim. 

Bespoke doesn’t necessarily mean more costly. There is of course a price implication for covering expensive items, but for our carefully selected panel of specialist insurance companies, covering items such as these is their bread and butter. They can often be more competitive than a general policy and most importantly, your valuable items will be covered. 


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