How secure is your home, really?

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With evenings getting darker for longer, the number of burglaries is on the rise. Halifax reported that the winter months saw a 35 per cent increase in claims for forced burglaries compared to summer months of last year.  Shockingly, Aviva’s home insurance claims for theft saw a huge increase of 115 per cent on Bonfire Night alone in 2018.

On nights like these, so many of us leave our homes for celebrations with friends and family. When we do, 40 per cent of us don’t check our windows and 29 per cent don’t check our doors!

Paul Fielding, Director of LIFT-Insurance, makes security a priority when conducting a client review. First and foremost, this is to make sure the client and their families are safe. Secondly, it is because most insurers insist on a certain level of security, whether that be monitored alarms, CCTV or a graded safe (which must be professionally fitted, bolted down and positioned in a location in the house where the client will actually use it!). 

Paul offers a free service, making sure the client is compliant with their insurance policy requirements; in addition to considering their safety. A lot of clients don’t know where to start or who to contact when they’re told they need to update their alarm or need a safe. He has an array of contacts who clients can get in touch with regarding alarm and safe installations and upgrades, overseeing the services throughout. He’ll go along to the visits to oversee and assist the client to make sure they get the best deals!

As this service is free, the only satisfaction Paul gets from it is knowing that the client feels safe and that their insurance policy will pay out in the event of a claim, as they have complied with security requirements. Paul goes the extra mile for each and every one of his clients, especially when it comes to peace of mind. 

If you think a review could benefit your family or own safety, the LIFT-Insurance team are always on hand to help. 



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