Haulage fleet insurance cover for Crown Transport Ltd

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Mark Holman owns Crown Transport Ltd based in Liverpool, the services they provide are:
•    Transport
•    Warehousing
•    Groupage (grouping together goods dispatched by several different companies into the same delivery)
•    Same day courier
•    Part loads (a truck that is only partially filled)

Mark has been a client of Carl Abbott for over two years and uses his services for haulage fleet insurance for his company. Having the right fleet insurance is essential. Car accidents happen every day and it is very important a business has the correct cover and fleet insurance makes this possible. LIFT-Insurance does not operate like a call centre, we offer a face to face service, we know our client’s needs and always put them first. 

Carl was able to offer Mark: 
•    Instant cover
•    Instant documentation
•    Flexible payment options
•    Discounts available for vehicles with fixed cameras 
•    Access to exclusive schemes you would not find on the high street including Lloyds of London

When the client contacted LIFT-Insurance, it was important to him that the quality of cover the fleet insurance offered remained the same. However, during these challenging times saving money was a huge benefit. Carl offered Mark savings without having to compromise the cover he received. Carl has access to the whole market; this allows him to get a broader range of quotes that offer excellent cover as well as competitive prices. For Mark’s initial review Carl was able to save him an amazing £8,000, the original fleet insurance cost was £37,000 and it is now £29,000. This is a saving of 22%.

“Carl and the LIFT-Insurance team go above and beyond for their clients, the service I received was exceptional and I am extremely happy with the amount of money Carl has managed to save me. I feel confident in the fleet insurance I have, and it has also helped me save money on the premium” Mark Holman. 

If you feel LIFT- Insurance could help you get a more competitive premium rate, please get in touch: 0161 929 2621

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