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What does your role as Director of LIFT-Insurance involve?  
The most important role I have is to ensure clients’ assets and possessions are adequately protected. All of our clients have different insurance protection requirements, so, I take time to discuss their individual needs with them and fully evaluate what exposures they have. This helps me to understand precisely what a client will need so I can make sure a bespoke policy is placed, whether it be for a house, motor or career-ending injury insurance. Not only is this rewarding for me, but it gives our clients peace of mind, knowing that their assets and possessions are correctly covered. 

What is the most common type of cover you find for people? 
We provide insurance solutions for high net worth individuals. Some of our clients are sports professionals who need career-ending injury, house or motor insurance; my job is to ensure that these policies continue to be market leaders and provide the most comprehensive cover possible. Our other clients include professionals who need house and motor insurance. We always offer a full insurance service for all of our clients, meaning they only need one broker to look after them; this also includes any commercial insurance requirements they might need. Our clients get cover which is tailored to them and save time and effort in the process.

What is different about the career-ending injury cover that you can offer clients? 
Our exclusive career-ending injury insurance facility has been with the same insurer for over 15 years. Some key benefits of the career-ending injury insurance solution that we offer are that we can cover up to £7m per person with one insurer on our facility. We are the only facility that provides an additional £250K cover for death by natural causes cover. Finally, players are covered for Covid-19 under the sickness benefit; I have had a lot of queries from players who have been told to ensure they have protection in place by their clubs, thankfully they all do. In the last three years, we have settled two substantial career-ending injury claims within four weeks of the client ending their careers. All of this is great because our clients know they’re in safe hands with us. 

What are the most challenging elements that your clients face with finding cover? 
Often our clients have high value or unique possessions. Their occupations as professional sportspeople, and in some cases their presence in the media, means they can be seen on social media and the TV. While this may seem glamorous, it does leave them more open to risks; for example, people can find out where they are and what they own. This increased risk makes insurers less willing to take on a policy. 

How do you think the insurance industry might change after the coronavirus pandemic? 
I’m not sure if it will, but I’m certain some insurers will exclude Covid-19 cover, and many may not even directly tell you - it may be incorporated into the small print. Specialist businesses like ours can check this to see what isn’t covered and make sure you get the right cover for your specific circumstances.

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