Danny Renshaw celebrates LIFT-Sport's birthday

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What’s your favourite thing about being an adviser at LIFT-Sport?
Being able to give the players genuine help, advice, and knowledge… often when we first sign a client, their understanding of areas such as tax, investments and even sensible financial housekeeping can be minimal. It’s great to see their knowledge around these subjects increasing year-on-year as we build that financial plan and structure around them.

What is it that interested you about being a financial planner for sports professionals?
Being a keen sports fan… naturally, working with sports professionals was something that I’d always been interested in. Also, it’s not your typical financial planning role - the close relationships we have with clients and their families are the key to our success and are the main motivating factor for me and the rest of the LIFT-Sport team.

What did you hope to achieve when you started at LIFT-Sport?
To manage the world’s most elite athletes!

How do you go about building a relationship with a client?
Generally, it’s all about understanding their needs and speaking to them on their level, jargon-free – essentially, I work hard to ensure they're comfortable with me and know they can trust me. My experiences of playing football (albeit amateur) and being in that dressing room environment have helped build strong bonds with my clients.

What’s one piece of advice you give to clients most often?
Run things by me! My number one job is to protect my client’s wealth – there are still negative people around, for example, the football industry. When clients run things by me, it can reduce the risk of making financial mistakes which could impact their financial futures.

What does it mean to you to be Chartered?
It’s so important – I’ve passed a huge number of exams in my five and a half years at LIFT-Sport. I’ve gained detailed knowledge which I apply every single day for the benefit of my clients – which is what I live for!

What do you think puts LIFT-Sport ahead of the competition?
Being a relatively young team who understands the needs of our clients – we really take care of those relationships and nurture them from the beginning which, I think, really helps us to stand out from the competition.

What’s your favourite thing about working with LIFT-Sport?
The support! We have a great team in the office who support me and the other advisers. We all work hard and play hard and so the energy and camaraderie are brilliant.

Who’s the most interesting client that you’ve bought on board?
Every client is interesting in their own way – I have a wide range of clients from the very top of the Premier League down to the Academies with young players trying to establish themselves. I love the variety of work; no day is ever the same!

Who’s a dream client you would love to have on our books?
Genuinely, we value every client that engages with us, our offering is in depth, and so we hugely value anyone that entrusts their financial planning to us. I really believe LIFT-Sport is the very best to advise and support sport professionals and that clients see our value – both financially and personally!

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