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When did you last check the small print in the insurance cover for your sports clients?
Let’s be honest it’s probably only the most detail oriented amongst us that spend the time reading the inclusions and exclusions of insurance documents – and I’m focusing here on Career Ending Injury policies. Most of the time, agents and the professional sportspeople they represent will take a recommendation from a broker and go with that. 
But you could be missing a trick. 
Your clients will no doubt have life cover as a separate policy, but If you could give them an additional £250k of life cover without it costing them a penny – you probably would. 
If you check the small print on our Career Ending Injury Policies you’ll find this additional benefit. It’s called Death by Natural Causes (DNC) cover and is included free of charge within our Career Ending Injury policy. 

Over the years, there have been several high-profile cases of players having cardiac arrests or similar during matches that should highlight the fact that this cover is equally as important as both disability and accidental death cover.
We’re all familiar with the story of Fabrice Muamba who happily recovered after suffering a cardiac arrest during a match in 2012. But were you aware there were three footballers just in the past two years who weren’t so lucky and unfortunately died after suffering a heart attack on the field of play. 
Making sure your clients and their families have the safety net of this cover within their insurance policies is I think massively important.  We’re the only broker who can offer it so of course we’re pre-disposed to highlight the importance but the fact is, for the unlucky few, this cover could make a massive difference to their families if the worst was to happen. 
So please do check the small print of your clients’ policies or get in touch if you’d like me to review them for you. 

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