Commercial insurance cover for Brand Imaging

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Carl worked with Brand Imaging, a brand delivery agency based in Manchester, on a full review of all aspects of insurance due to the specialist nature of their business. The aim was to get a thorough understanding of the company and the insurance requirements, so Carl went out to meet the client in person. By meeting face to face, it allows Carl and his team to carry out a full and detailed review by asking questions and walking through the premises to see what needs cover.

The great thing about this initial meeting is that collaboratively Carl and the client can look over all aspects of the current policy and quickly find any gaps in cover that could jeopardise the business should anything happen. Based on the initial findings, we decided for the second meeting to invite an insurer. The client was pleasantly surprised that insurers would actually come out to review a business directly and had never had the option before.

Watch the gap
The second meeting was eventful, to say the least, the insurer also picked up on another few gaps in cover. The client was shocked and thought he had cover for some sections which it turned out he wasn’t. Carl agreed that he would work on pricing and come back to the client within five working days. 

Policy secured and money saved
Carl, the insurer and their teams, worked hard to turnaround the quotation in two working days. They secured the policy on the correct basis and even saved the client money. The client was so impressed with everything he did he has since recommended LIFT-Insurance to several of his contacts they are now providing cover for. 

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