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It's the peak time of year for new mortgage applications and luckily, this has coincided with rates coming down further, particularly for those needing a 90% or 95% mortgage. 

Being an independent broker means we're able to access rates across the whole market and the fall recently is good news for our clients. Having said that, rates aren't the only consideration when choosing a mortgage. It's a significant factor no doubt, but not the only area we look at. 

How we help you find the right mortgage. 

We don't do is have a 'tick box - computer says no' approach. 

Our team look at your personal situation and use our market knowledge to recommend a mortgage that matches your needs.

As well as mortgage interest rates we may need to consider e.g. overpayments policy, affordability measures, income multiples, fees, speed of turnaround - we know which lenders will give a fast decision and process your application quickly.

Or you may not have the usual employment income. For example we work with sports professionals, business owners, those with multiple income streams or significant bonus income. Getting the right mortgage for those clients is less straightforward and High Street lenders are not usually the right match.  

This all illustrates that a good broker will look at the overall picture when it comes to a mortgage. The competitive interest rates available via LIFT-Mortgages are the cherry on the cake!

Mortgage Best Buys
Loan to Value (%) Purchase or Remortgage 2 yrs fixed 3 yrs fixed 5 yrs fixed
95 3.79% 4.29% 4.24%
90 2.47% 2.78% 3.26%
85 1.94% 2.24% 2.79%
80 1.69% 1.99% 2.59%
75 1.55% 1.99% 2.49%
70 1.55% 1.99% 2.47%
65 1.50% 1.99% 2.35%
60 (and below) 1.39% 1.94% 2.19%

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