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Various polls show families with children under the age of 18 will spend anything between £1,000 to more than £2,700 in total at Christmas, with gifts making up the vast majority of the spend. That can’t be right I thought, so during a recent visit to my parents I was talking to my 11-year-old sister about her Christmas list and it went on and on and on! After the 15th thing, she had told me about I decided to go to the pub for a pint and escape the stress!
When I think about what I have on my list it must be a Man Utd season ticket which as true fans know costs between £500 and £950, not including cup competitions. Pretty extravagant and highly unlikely that I’ll be investing that amount of money.  It made me think that the purchase of a property is the biggest investment we are likely to make and during over four years as a mortgage case handler I can thankfully say that clients take their time to make an informed decision. If you make the wrong decision, this can have financial consequences in the future.
I have spent a couple of days a week, of the last two weeks, shadowing a couple of our brokers, so I can learn more about the initial part of our clients' journey. Here are a few of the things I have noticed:
Flexibility - I have noticed that clients would like flexibility should their circumstances change. Overpaying is a great way to do that and can give the client the flexibility they require. The overpayment tool has been mentioned regularly and many of the clients we have seen have either been doing this or intend to. Overpaying is generally capped on a fixed rate at 10% of the outstanding balance per year.
Client Interaction – meetings differ with new clients compared to those who are existing clients. In the last two weeks, there have been numerous existing clients that have complimented David Baker, Managing Director on our service and the business. This shows that giving the best advice for the client is key and once you do, they will trust you to give the correct recommendation. This is important in the case of the repeat business of which LIFT-Mortgages gets a lot of!
Client Presumptions – Clients over the last few days of meetings have always presumed the monthly cost will be higher or presumed they couldn’t borrow as much as they can. It is always worth speaking to the experts as word of mouth or family advice isn’t always correct. We are independent and have access to many lenders so can check the market for the best rate for your individual circumstances.
It has been a good first two weeks in my role shadowing David Baker our Managing Director. Whilst it has meant early starts and late nights its really helped to improve my wider knowledge of the market. I'm looking forward to spending more time in the City soon. 

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