Insurance for Breweries

Insurance for Breweries

You know your business best & we know insurance

We work with one of the UK's largest insurers to create a package for craft breweries - whether microbrewery, contract brewery or brewpub. This scheme gives you competitive rates and additional cover specific to your industry,  all delivered with a first-class service from LIFT-Insurance. 

Together we can design a package tailored to your company. We don't do 'one size fits all' -  every policy is bespoke. Our first step is to learn the nuances of your business. Following this, we personalise the insurance policy to ensure it covers your needs, is competitive and most importantly, fit for purpose. 

Maybe you have multiple locations or want both commercial and residential properties on a single policy. Perhaps you go to festivals or host tours. Whatever your circumstances, our Breweries Insurance can accommodate your business.  

Standard cover on our Breweries Insurance includes the following extensions: 

  • Stock and contents cover extended to cover property at beer festivals (up to £50,000 as standard)
  • Automatic seasonal increase in stock sums insured up to 40%
  • Theft of casks in the open (up to £10,000 as standard)
  • Stock at bottling premises (up to a maximum of £100,000 as standard)
  • Hops, grains and malts at third party premises (up to a maximum of £50,000 as standard)  
  • European union hop, grain and malt suppliers (up to £25,000 as standard)  
  • Yeast contamination (up to £25,000 as standard)  
  • Polluted water (up to £25,000 as standard)    
  • Public and products liability to cover brewery tours  

"Your thoroughness in understanding our unique brewery requirement, including our need for outside event and beer festival cover was appreciated. I would have no hesitation in recommending the team at LIFT-Insurance. They have never failed to deliver and I feel confident that all my insurance needs are fully looked after."

Richard, Bowness Bay Brewing

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