Workplace Financial Education

Workplace Financial Education

Helping your employees make better financial decisions can pay dividends.

Companies offering financial education to their employees are at the forefront of a growing trend. We've been developing this service over several years and our corporate clients  can vouch for the value and benefit to them and their workforce. 

At each stage of their careers, your employees are faced with different financial challenges. Savvy employers know that helping them to deal with these issues leads to a happier, less stressed workforce who value the support they are given.

The Financial Education programme is bespoke for each client, but the list below gives you an idea of the areas we can cover. 

Example presentations & their audience

  • Cash and debt management - for graduates and younger employees
  • Mortgages - all home buyers but particularly first time buyers
  • Financial planning - employees in their 30s
  • Savings and investments - those employees with surplus income
  • Planning for retirement - Employees in their 40s and 50s
  • Approaching retirement - those in their 50s/60s retiring within 12 months
  • Estate planning - all employees for themselves or their relatives


Face-to-face advice

We can create a programme of presentations and workshops tailored to your company employee demographics and these group presentations are just the start. Unlike many advice firms, we can arrange one on one sessions for your employees which gives them the opportunity to ask questions specific to their situation. Contact our corporate team who can talk about a programme for your organisation. 


Our Clients Say

Having developed a great relationship with Suzanne she has been a fantastic help in guiding my financial decision making and ensuring that I’ve planned well for the future. I’d recommend her without hesitation.

Russell B.

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