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We invest in talent

At LIFT-Financial Group, we invest in our young talent by recruiting and developing school leavers and graduates to help them become Chartered Financial Planners.

Our experience, paired with our colleagues' hard work and dedication, means our Academy members regularly pass their exams and gain valuable work experience simultaneously. In addition, we have a structured training programme for those who want to build a career in financial services.

Our programme is bespoke and we provide the training of the highest standard, as well as coaching by experienced members of the team and a personal development plan to progress your career. 


Joshua Spender Q&A

Joshua Spender is part of our LIFT-Academy programme and tells us about his experience so far:

When did you join the LIFT-Academy?
I joined at the beginning of July 2022.

What made LIFT stand out to you as an employer?
I was impressed by you having a tried and tested graduate scheme that gives me a clear career pathway.

Tell us about what it is like working alongside others who are already qualified.
I find it incredibly motivating. Speaking to everyone at different stages of the Academy and then some that have gone on to be Advisers makes the path feel real and achievable.

What are you enjoying most at the moment about your journey?
I’m only just at the start, but the support towards doing exams, alongside developing into my current role has been great.

What coaching and support do you receive from the company?
The company assists with study materials and I get study leave so I can revise and prepare for exams. Plus we receive an exam pass bonus!

What is your goal for the future?
To reach Chartered Status and become an Adviser at LIFT.

What's in it for you?


Take a look at Daniel Barratt's journey:

This is the timeline of Daniel Barratt, one of our fantastic Chartered Financial Planners.

July 2012 - Jan 2018

July 2012
Oct 2012

As a young graduate with a First in Economics from Loughborough University, I was looking for a structured and progressive graduate scheme in finance. The LIFT training programme appealed to me as it offered the chance to study for professional exams and become a Chartered Financial Planner within an innovative and vibrant organisation. LIFT offers exceptional service to its clients and I would recommend all aspiring graduates to consider applying.

Ed, Client Support Administrator

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