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Our clients value the peace of mind we give them as they know their long term financial security is being taken care of. With our guidance they can be confident they won't be one of professional sports' financial casualties. We put in place a plan to help them organise their finances now and to provide for when their playing career is over. Here are just some of the clients we work with.  Here's how we help them:

What we are

We're financial planners not salespeople. Planning for the long term isn't a one off exercise and our on-going work will help you with:

  • Overall advice on good financial housekeeping
  • Monthly budgeting - help to track and organise your spending 
  • Cash & asset management - how best to save and invest
  • Property ownership
  • Tax guidance - including tax return completion and planning for tax bills
  • Setting up tax efficient investments
  • Financial protection for your family
  • Preparing for life after football

What we're not

We don’t pretend to be things we aren't. Most importantly we're not:

  • Aggressive. We don't push you into investments you're not comfortable with; all of the financial and tax planning strategies we recommend are designed to make your life easier.
  • Magicians. We can help our clients understand risk and the action they need to take to achieve their financial goals but we don’t have any magic solutions or quick fixes. We're strong believers that if something appears too good to be true, it probably is! 
  • Agents. We don't involve ourselves in contract negotiations on behalf of our clients, or source clubs on their behalf. We will however liaise with existing representatives if requested to do so by our clients.

Our Team

Mark Tueart – Managing Director

Mark Tueart

Managing Director

Danny Renshaw – Financial Planner

Danny Renshaw

Financial Planner

Rachael Leonard – Client Support Manager

Rachael Leonard

Client Support Manager

Angela Geraghty – Technical Support Analyst

Angela Geraghty

Technical Support Analyst

Gregg Hearn – Trainee Financial Planner

Gregg Hearn

Trainee Financial Planner

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